Saito Takauji (Matt Parker) (saitotakauji) wrote,
Saito Takauji (Matt Parker)

Voices from the Dead (One Less B5 Fan)

I have very firm beliefs about the War in Iraq, that those who know me no doubt know, and those who don't can find out by reading some of my other writings on other places (which I will get around to posting later).  I am not going to mention my political views here, because it would be out of place.

I never read the man in question in the article I link to here; I never knew him personally, never heard of him.  And yet he gives us an opportunity.  We hear the speeches of the politicians telling us about the war in Iraq, about how good it is or how bad it is.  But the vast majority of soldiers have no voice.  The dead have even fewer voices speaking for them.  This is one.

It is equal parts funny, thought provoking and overwhelmingly sad.  It is macabre and amazing, and one of the most amazing things I have read.  I laughed until I read until the goodbyes, and then I wept.

"May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk."  John Sheridan, Babylon 5.

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