Saito Takauji (Matt Parker) (saitotakauji) wrote,
Saito Takauji (Matt Parker)

A small group?

I have joined what I believe is a small group now, with yesterday's purchase.  I am now a gun owning Democrat.  Yes, I am a commie pinko with a rifle.

I went out and purchased a Springfield Armory C80 .22 rifle from the early 1960s yesterday.  Originally I was going to purchase a Marlin .22, having heard thar marlin makes very fine rifles, but the Marlin at the shop had a broken ejector, and would have taken four-five weeks to repair.  In all likelihood I would have accidentally spent the money before then, so I bought the Springfield.  I was initially disappointed, but I do like the Springfield; Springfield Armory is, after all, the shop that essentially outfitted the World War II soldier.  Odds are a GI in WWII had either a Springfield M1 or M1911A1 .45 Pistol.  So its like owning the Garand's baby brother.

Besides, this means when I look at purchasing another rifle in the future I can go to a Marlin.

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